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What do the Job Vacancy positions mean for HLAs

The number you see against each HLA programme  below indicates the number of positions Employer's have confirmed with SRC for September 2021 intake. Each Employer will view the 'Pool of Applicants' to undertake recruitment activities. The pool of applicants will contain each applicant's 'Employer Additional Information Form' only, that's why it is so important to sell yourself on this form. The number of vacancies available will change over the next few months, keep checking this online resource to see the most up-to-date information.

Number of HLA Job Vacancies for September 2021

HLA Accountancy - (32)
HLA Computing - (15)
HLA Digital Marketing, Advertising & Communication - (09)
HLA Hospitality - (02)
HLA Mechatronics - (21)
HLA Applied Industrial Sciences - Pathway Chemical - (20)
HLA Applied Industrial Sciences - Pathway Life - (12)
HLA Digital Construction - (14)

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Apprenticeships Level 2/3 opportunities and the process after you Apply

The number you see against each Apprenticeship programme indicates the number of positions (at April) which Employer's have confirmed with SRC for September 2021 intake (numbers are always changing). After applying for your chosen Apprenticeship you will be invited to attend a Pre-Enrolment and Advice Session (PEAS) with the curriculum team at SRC. Following this, during the period June - August a Monitoring and Placement Officer (MPO) will contact you to determine if you have secured suitable employment. If not, the MPO will be able to discuss potential employer vacancies with you. The MPO will then be able to complete the necessary paperwork to allow you to commence your Apprenticeship in September. You must be employed at this stage to participate in the Apprenticeship programme.

Apprenticeship Level 2/3 Programmes

Engineering - Mechanical Manufacturing - (04)
Engineering Maintenance - Mechanical - (03)
Engineering Maintenance - Electrical - (05)
Fabrication & Welding Engineering - (10)
Light Vehicle Maintenance & Repair - (02)
Heavy Vehicle Maintenance & Repair - (04)
Vehicle Body Repair/ Painting Refinishing - (05)
Electrical Installation - (17)
Carpentry & Joinery - (05)
Bricklaying - (05)

Apprenticeship Level 2/3 Programmes

Painting & Decorating - (04)
Plastering - (02)
Horticulture - (01)
Plumbing - (04)
Business Administration - (12)
Food Team Leading - (02)
Proficiency of Food Management - (02)
Food & Drink - Professional Butchery - (02)
Logistics - (01)
Surveying - (01)